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Printers are the most important components of offices. It is owing to the reason because organizations take full advantage of their printing machines to manage their documentation and other paperwork.  Many companies attach the printers to the servers for ease of use, but sometimes they have to end up with slow print server problems.

The print server is used to link different printing machines to the client nodes over a network. It then works by taking printing requests from the clients and deliver to the targeted machine. For example, if you have attached five printers to the server, the clients can access them on their terms to print important documents.

However, the quality of printing matters a lot in this regard. So, many organizations prefer getting top quality printers from Xerox Dubai based vendors to eliminate the risks of breakdowns. No doubt, quality printers help in accommodating diverse printing requirements at workplaces.

Are you facing issues of slow print server at your office? Don’t worry! As you can learn useful ways to deal with the problems – scroll till the end.

How to solve slow print server problems

Top server print issues and easy fixes

Nevertheless, it is a common problem in server printer devices to be slow while printing. There can be a wide range of causes for disruption in the print server.  While dealing with such issues, people usually think that it is a hardware problem that may not be a good approach.

So, to keep you on the right track of solving print server issues, here are given a few easy-peasy fixes:

Re-adjust print server configuration

Sometimes, an error in the print server can cause the printers to work process commands slowly. It is, therefore, imperative to consider the configuration of the printer.

For example, the print server checkbox for multiple user printing command should be set to “Yes.” In a case that it is set to “No,” then the printer spooling can occur where the bigger jobs will be completed, and then the other commands will be processed.  It is a major cause of slow printing.

Ensure to have a Dedicated Server Disk Drive

Generally, a print server receives various printing commands simultaneously that causes a bottleneck in processing the printing tasks. Consequently, the printer works really slow. It is essential to optimize the performance of server dealing with the printing machines; there should be dedicated disks drives.

So, if you are facing the issues of lazy printing over the server, it is better to perform network troubleshooting instead of changing the printing machines. You should buy the dedicated drives to handle printing commands.

Deploy Print Managed Services

Last but not least, the optimization of printing resources on the server is a way to deal with the slow print server. It is, therefore, essential to implement dedicated management solutions that can streamline printing tasks and activities.

Don’t know about managed print packages? You can acquire the services from Xerox Dubai managed print solutions for better utilization of your resources and also sped up printing.  Additionally, it will help you to keep an eye on printing expenditures!

Final thought

Hopefully, after considering the given ways, you will be able to eliminate the issues pertaining to printing on the server. If still, the problem is the same, consider getting assistance from print server troubleshooting experts near you!

Remember! You should never overlook the importance of printing resources because most of the organizational tasks and activities depend on printing. 

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